photo + video equipment


The EOS 5D is a 12.8 megapixel digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera body produced by Canon. The EOS 5D was announced by Canon on 22 August 2005, and at the time was priced above the EOS 20D but below the EOS-1D Mark II and EOS-1Ds Mark II in Canon’s EOS digital SLR series.


With an upgraded camera featuring a large 1-inch sensor, the Phantom 4 Pro is capable of capturing high-quality, professional aerial imagery. The Phantom 4 Pro can capture 4K video at 60 fps as well as 20-megapixel stills.


Capture professional-quality footage with the Ronin-S gimbal stabilizer from DJI. With plenty of modes like Timelapse, Track, and SportMode, you’ll be able to capture smooth footage when filming on your DSLR. The ergonomic design makes it easy to operate, and the companion mobile app provides even more options for finetuning your shot.


The Neewer field monitor makes it easy to take high-quality photographs and video with your camera. The LED-backlit 7-inch screen features an adjustable aspect ratio and a high-definition resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels. The in-plane switching technology results in better detail and color reproduction at wide viewing angles. The monitor is designed to be used with a wide variety of both high-definition and 4K-resolution Sony, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, and Panasonic cameras. It comes with built-in video, audio, and HDMI inputs.


(3x) Neewer Dimmable Bi-color 660 LED Video Light with 3200-5600K colour temperature and ultra-high CRI 96+, design with U bracket and barn door for easy angle adjustment and light source focus, 4 Pieces Rechargeable Li-ion Battery and USB Charger for long time using.


LED photography lighting with 12 lighting modes, stepless dimming & brightness levels. Muti-combination ideal lighting for in or out of studio photography, videography, video recording or light painting.

IP68 waterproof level can use underwater, the light bar adopt high-quality hardness material, it won’t broken even if it dropped. Suitable for outdoor use.

The ice light for photography has built-in 10400mAhLi-ion rechargeable battery that can be charged via adapter or USB device. Power bank can be used to charge this led ice light when you are out for photography or videography. It can work up to 4.5 hours in maximum brightness after a full charge.

With 1/4 standard nut, you can mount it on a tripod. Or you can hold this via 2 lanyards coming with the package.


Seamless paper is one of the most versatile types of photography backdrops. Seamless paper provides a large, smooth, non-reflecting background surface and are most well-known for their consumable nature. Unlike muslin or vinyl backdrop, when seamless paper becomes too dirty for use, you can simply cut the soiled portion of the background paper off and discard it, making it one of the best backdrops for photographing “messy” sessions, such as young animals or cake smashes.

available: black / white / grey / chromakey green


Photographers don’t often need tripods, but videographers often do. For more extended movement, use a slider, allowing you to move smoothly from side to side.


Equipped with 120 dimmable LED lamps, the light brightness can be adjusted gradually and steady through the knob. 5000K color temperature, 26000 lumens and High CRI provide adequate light source to shoot quality picture. Foldable and portable design makes it easily set up and carry, making mobile lighting studio possible. Multiple opening and closing ways enable to choose the desired angle based on the size of the objects being photographed. Silver reflective fabric inside diffuses light evenly and avoid vignette; Attached diffuser cloth can eliminate reflections and 4 backgrounds are easy to set different studio scene and save PS processing so it is a perfect solution for taking commercial photos with a professional result.


This strobe has various slave modes, with three triggering options available: a wired connection with the included sync cord, with an optional infrared remote, or as an optical slave thanks to the light sensor at the top. This means you can sync the unit with your camera or another flash for simultaneous firing. Another useful inclusion is an adjustable 75W modelling light, allowing you to preview your composition with a continuous light source. Finally, a hole in the front offers space for an optional umbrella. The C-250 runs on 110-130 VAC power, reaching recycling times between 0.5 and 2 seconds depending on your power settings.