We have a wide range of offerings that will enhance your stay with us. With a focus on wellness and creativity, we can create a customized experience for you, whether it is an hour long class or a full weekend retreat. Below are some options.


Experience a meditative journey into sound and vibrational frequency healing. Sahar uses the vibrations and frequencies of Planetary Tuned and Dark Star Gongs, Perfect Pitch 432 Hz finely tuned crystal quartz singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and high frequency tuners to shift the mind and body to a deep meditative state. Facilitating an environment for relaxation, restoration and self-healing. Sound Therapy is a way for body to heal itself along with other holistic modalities, plant based nutrition, meditation and creative work for physical, emotional, spiritual expansion and growth. We believe the source of healing, transformation and creation for all human beings comes from the power of connecting to the divine within.


Blank Boy Canvas is a multi-national art initiative and exhibition that works with youth advocacy arts groups to mentor workshops where children will get to express themselves and their infinite possibilities on a small Tian Tian figure while being part of a broader dialogue on creativity, critical thinking and exploring cross-cultural collaboration. We believe developing advocacy through arts is a key element for children in finding their own dialogue along side their peers in developing a broader understanding of cross-cultural exchange as well as empowering them by using the same canvas as established artists. This exercise stimulates thinking and enhances communication by creating a more open, equal and interactive platform.


Yoga is a practice steeped in ancient wisdom to connect one with both the self and the larger context of the cosmos. Even one dedicated yoga practice is rewarding as a remembrance is brought into awareness. Receive a private yoga or meditation practice outdoors on the observation deck, or in the yoga shala. A customized yoga practice will be created to your needs. On offering is hatha, vinyasa, yin yoga and yoga nidra, which range from a very physical experience to a subtler somatic practice where you are taken through a deep journey inward while remaining in a rested pose. Yoga to some is thought of as a physical practice that prepares the body for meditation, for others, it is a moving mediation. Whatever the belief, meditation is also a large part of a yoga practice. For the interested, a mediation practice can also be taught as a complete and separate practice, where your awareness will be guided through the present moment. This practice of self inquiry and self regulation creates a deeper intimacy and understanding with oneself.


Reiki is a healing modality using the direct access of universal energy through the practitioners hands to balance a persons energetic field and body. The practice of reiki is deeply relaxing and cathartic to receive, and physical, emotional and mental shifts are felt almost immediately. For some there may be a detoxifying effect where rest is best after receiving the practice, while others may feel charged and ready to take on the world. All responses are welcome after a reiki practice as your body is responding to what it deeply needs and desires. To be able to receive reiki in a relaxing environment and in nature only enhances and supports the healing that takes place.